MAP Controllers

The MAP (MAP1, MAPMINI and MAP2) controllers can be set to work with First Access Cloud, First Access On-Premises, or Webster 64 solutions. Only one mode can be run at a time. One of the biggest is that users can easily move between solutions as their needs change.

MAP1 Aperio Integration


Utilizing the Cansec’s Aperio enabled MAP1 Controller, as many as 8 wireless Aperio devices and up to 4 hubs can be connected to optimize wireless range, and maximize the cost savings of a wireless access control deployment. Cansec’s approach to integration offers among the lowest total cost of ownership for an Aperio deployment, as there is no license fee for connection to Aperio devices – ever!

 MAP1 Aperio Wireless Locks Integration video

MAP1 First Access® Aperio Wireless Lock Integration

Cansec’s First Access® software provides a powerful yet easy to use platform to manage the whole family of MAP access control panels. It is available in two versions: The free Express version for basic access control functions and Advanced for more complex applications. Both support up to 1,024 readers and 100,000 cards. NEW - First Access® Advanced software now supports the Cansec MSM app which allows you to control and manage your system from anywhere.

To facilitate deployment, First Access® On-Premises software automatically scans the local network and finds all connected MAP controllers. No need to assign each panel a static IP address. Using the First Access Client software, operators can quickly and easily void and validate credentials, edit Unlock Schedules, Holiday Schedules, Access Profiles, etc.

Everything required to make GO/NO-GO decisions is stored at the controller, guaranteeing a fast and consistent response regardless of the system size, network speed or server load.

MAP1 FA Aperio Wireless Lock Intregration

Features & Comparison

Cardholder/user capacity
Reader capacity  Up to 1024 Up to 1024
First Access® clients 5 20
Automatically finds MAP controllers Yes Yes
Up to 5 credentials per use Yes Yes
Real time TCP/IP based communications Yes Yes
Programmable access profiles and holidays Yes Yes
Entry & Exit reader per door Yes Yes
Automatic door unlock schedules Yes Yes
Alarms for forced entry/door held open conditions Yes Yes
Double-swipe privilege per user per door Yes Yes
Double-swipe as trigger No Yes
Uses Microsoft SQL database Yes Yes
Card + Pin Yes Yes
Elevator control Yes Yes
Email notifications/alarms Yes Yes
Timed anti-passback No Yes
Photo Popup No Yes
Door interlock No Yes
Card groups No Yes
Auxiliary input/output points No Yes
Local anti-passback No Yes
Scheduled commands & triggers No Yes
First Card In – Card Group
No Yes
Software key required No (Free) Yes
Asure ID photo badging integration (Option)* No Yes
NVR support for Uniview (Option)* No Yes
Partition (Option)* No Yes
Enhanced Attendance Reporting software (Option)* No Yes
NEW - Supports the Cansec MSM App No Yes

 *NOTE: First Access Advanced Software Only

Diagnostic LEDs

Diagnostic LEDs

To simplify installation, support and maintenance, the MAP1 contains twenty seven status LEDs which show, for example, AH30 hubs connected, locks connected,  lock/unlocked state of each lock, power and several others.


With Mounting Flange
4.624” (L) x 4.88” (H) x 2” (D) [117 mm (L) x 124 mm (H) x 51 mm (D)]

5.625” (L) x 4.88” (H) x 2” (D) [143 mm (L) x 124 mm (H) x 51 mm (D)]

500 g (17.6 oz)
Operating Temperature 
0˚C to 60˚C  [32˚F to 140˚F]
12VDC / 300mA 
Warranty 5 years


Supports all Aperio wireless locks:

  • ES100 – Wireless Electric Strike and Reader
  • ES100 – Wireless Electric Strike and Reader
  • IN100  – Wireless Lock For Conventional Man Doors
  • DL100 – Wireless Electric Lock and Reader (For Aluminum Storefront)
  • DR100 – Wireless Reader and Relay (Basically, a Wireless Access Control Door)
  • K100 – Wireless Cabinet Lock and Reader (For Medical Cabinets, etc)
  • KS100 – Wireless Server Lock and Reader (For IT Server Cabinets)

5 Aperio locks

Part Numbers:

CA-MAP12A_    (2-Door Configuration)
CA-MAP14A_    (4-Door Configuration)
CA-MAP16A_    (6-Door Configuration)
CA-MAP18A_    (8-Door Configuration)
Provisioning Upgrades:
CA-MAP12U4A_    (MAP1 2-Door Provisioning Upgrade to 4-Door Configuration)
CA-MAP14U6A_    (MAP1 4-Door Provisioning Upgrade to 6-Door Configuration)
CA-MAP16U8A_    (MAP1 6-Door Provisioning Upgrade to 8-Door Configuration)

“_” replaced with:
F - First Access
FC - First Access Cloud
W64 - Webster 64 

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